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Los Angeles Times
"Possible Worlds"
"Street Sight"
Adam Janes
Ori Gersht
Marcos Ramirez ERRE
Isaac Resnikoff
Margaret Nielsen
Jim Shaw
Charles Karubian
Kim Beom
Florian Maier-Aichen
Melanie Willhide
Daniela Comani
Mari Eastman
"Art in the Streets"
Judy Pfaff
"We're Not Here to Waste Time!"
Ken Gonzales-Day
"My Super Hero: New Contemporary Art from Iran"
"All of This and Nothing"
Dan Bayles
Soo Kim
Gardar Eide Einarsson
Heather Cantrell

Sam Durant

Los Angeles Times
Steve Martin and Dave Hickey at LACMA: Talking about art was fine with this audience



Los Angeles Times
Edgar Arceneaux
Kelly Barrie
"The Big Four"
Matsumi Kanemitsu
Zoe Crosher
Anthony James
Trine Ellitsgaard
Michal Chelbin
Kalup Linzy
Paul McCarthy
Simone Lueck
Emilie Halpern
"Everlasting Gobstopper"
André Ethier
Todd Gray and Kyungmi Shin
"Stille Post: 7 Curators 7 Artists"
"Document: Iranian Americans in L.A."
"The art that dare not speak its name"
"Country Music"
Robin Kandel
Lael Corbin
Hilary Brace
Achim Freyer
Yvonne Venegas
Mary Reid Kelley
Marie Jager
José Bedia
Dorothy Iannone
John Jurayj
"Somewhere On a Desert Highway"
Robert Lazzarini
Breaking the Rules: What is Contemporary Art? (book review)
"Beyond the Page: Miniature as Attitude in Contemporary Art from Pakistan"
"Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Sculpture: Inspiration and Invention"
Eamon O'Kane
John Stephan
Travis Somerville
Leonor Antunes and Amalia Pica
"Love in a Cemetery"
Ilán Lieberman
Robert Mallary
James Welling
"Rauschenberg at Gemini"
Bas Jan Ader
Nira Pereg
Noah Davis
Greg Colson
Alexandra Grant*
Robin Rhode*
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Art Papers
Shana Lutker

Art on Paper
"Aesthetic Journalism: How to Inform Without Informing" (book review)
"Art Workers: Radical Practice in the Vietnam War Era" (book review)

X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly
Pae White

"Hangin' Together"

Los Angeles Times
"Art that prompts a smile"
Joel Kyack's "Superclogger"
Mel Chin's "Fundred Dollar Bill Project"
"Thinking past the museum gallery white box"
Luisa Lambri



Los Angeles Times
Sharon Lockhart
Arthur Ou and Alice Könitz
"Everyday Miracles (Extended)"
Dianna Molzan
Jeanne Silverthorne
Laura Riboli
Danica Phelps
"Locating Landscape: New Strategies, New Technologies"
Paul Shambroom
"Your Bright Future: Twelve Contemporary Artists from Korea"*
Katherine Gray*
Angel Delgado*
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Art on Paper
Gina Osterloh
Sam Durant
Martin Puryear Prints

X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly
"Asian/American/Modern Art: Shifting Currents, 1900-1970"

Art Papers
Andrea Bowers and Suzanne Lacy

Dave Hullfish Bailey

George Stoll
Wolfgang Tillmans
Martin Kippenberger

Los Angeles Times
Diane Meyer's "Without a Car in the World"
Sandow Birk's "American Qur'an"
Joanna Priestley
"Nine Lives: Visionary Artists from L.A."
Llyn Foulkes' Machine

Art on Paper
The Center for the Study of Political Graphics
William Copley's S.M.S.
Aaron Curry

Nueva Luz
"Hidden Histories" commentary on Rania Matar, Luis Delgado and Tarrah Krajnak & Wilka Roig
Interview with Tarrah and Wilka on En Foco's Blog



Los Angeles Times
"Gouge: The Modern Woodcut 1870 to Now"
"Romance of the Bells: The California Missions in Art"
"Social Histories Woven into Indonesian Textiles at LACMA"
Anthony Goicolea, Jon Brumit, Zachary Royer Scholz and Carter Mull
Amanda Ross-Ho, Dorit Cypis, Brenna Youngblood and Sarah Cromarty
Cindy Stelmackowich, "Desertshore," Alexandra Grant, Kerry James Marshall
Kathleen Henderson*
Haegue Yang*
Kaoru Katayama*
Patrick Jackson*
Melanie Bonajo and Kinga Kielcynzska*
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Art on Paper
All of a Sudden by Jorg Heiser (book review)
Mungo Thomson
Francis Alÿs: The Politics of Rehearsal (exhibition catalog)

Art Ltd.
Matthew Monahan
Jeffrey Vallance

Art Papers
Scoli Acosta

"The Whole World is Watching"

"Phantom Sightings: Art After the Chicano Revolution"
Kristin Morgin
Anthony Hernandez
Tony de los Reyes

Sharon Mizota on Edgar Arceneaux and "Watts House Project"

Los Angeles Times
"The California Biennial Spreads Out"
"Indian Art: unique yet mainstream"
Dave McKenzie at REDCAT
"Women in the City"
"Disorderly Conduct: Recent Art in Tumultuous Times"

Art on Paper
Split Personality: Donelle Woolford
"...And Then Again: Printed Series, 1500-2007"
Spiritual Lies: Remembering Eugenia Butler

Art Ltd.
"California Video"

Anna Sew Hoy



Allora and Calzadilla*
Mathieu Briand*
Veronika Kellndorfer *
Ruben Ochoa*
Cao Fei*
Richard Ross*
Chen Xiaoyun*
Shirley Tse*
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Matthew Pillsbury

Art Ltd.
Whitney Bedford
"WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution"
Mario Ybarra Jr.
Mary Kelly

Michael Scoggins
Brenna Youngblood
Jay Davis
Paul Pfeiffer
David Hockney
Mark Bradford

Uber/Ten by Ten
Anita Ragusa
Carrie Yury

Los Angeles Times
Sandow Birk
Nicole Antebi
William Pope.L
Charles Gaines
Andrea Bowers,"The Weight of Relevance"
Charles Ray, "Hinoki"
Joel Tauber, "Sick-Amour"
House of the Future Taps Nature for Novel Designs with annotated slideshow.

Art Ltd.
Loren Holland
Eungie Joo
Anna Von Mertens


SF Weekly
Francis Baker
"The Dust Never Settles"
Timothy Nolan
Binh Danh + Elizabeth Moy
Walter Kitundu
"Shomei Tomatsu: Skin of the Nation"
"The Man Box"
Vik Muniz
Liu Xiaodong
Hank Willis Thomas
Leo Valledor
"Me, Myself & Eye"
Julie Mehretu
Marci Washington + Alika Cooper
Larry Schwarm + Rudy Vanderlans
Kota Ezawa
Rachel Weeks

"Embracing Nature"
"Driven to Abstraction"
Michael Kovner
"ULAE Prints from the Collection 1957-2006"
Sharon Booma
Larry Schwarm
"Out of Doors"

"Confessions of a Spam Crafter" (2006 Art Center Design Conference)

SF Weekly
"Commercial Art" (Non-traditional galleries)

American Studies Association Conference
"Visualizing Oakland and Bay Area Communities: Art, History, and New Immigration,"



SF Weekly
Alex Kanevsky
Taro Hattori
"Dispersed: African Legacy/New World Reality"
Makoto Aida
Stephen Hull
Andrew Junge
"Imaginary Forces"
Kianga Ford
Victor Cartagena + Elisabeth Oppenheimer
The De Young Museum
"Toys Take No Prisoners"
Gregory Euclide
"Beyond Plastic"
Luis Delgado
José Alvarez
Lowell Darling
Philip Kwame Apagya, Uta Barth + Eirik Johnson
Leslie Shows
"Social Construction"
Robert Sagerman
Jim Toia
Tracey Snelling
"Downtime: Constructing Leisure"
"Weedee Peepo: Portraits, Icons, y Gente"
Sui Jianguo

"East Coast/West Coast: Four Modernist Women"
Jason Wheatley

SF Weekly
"Maverick or madman?" (sculptor Stanislav Szukalski)

"Asia in a True Light" (interview with photographer Russel Wong)



San Francisco Bay Guardian
The Vatican to Vegas: A History of Special Effects (Norman Klein)
You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination (Katharine Harmon)

Just for fun
Reagan Louie: Sex Work in Asia

"Classroom Activism" (Student poster project)

The Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper
Yoshitomo Nara

Nikkei Heritage
"Minoru Yamasaki: Architect of the American Dream"

Forum, KQED
The Intersection of Contemporary Art and Street Culture (radio)

Meridian Gallery
"Issho/Together" Artists' Symposium



University of California Press
Fresh Talk/Daring Gazes: Conversations on Asian American Art (book)

Nikkei Heritage
"Tactics of the Future: Glenn Kaino"

Just for fun
Sam Durant at Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
Jen Pack: roygbp at 364 Hayes Street Contemporary Art

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